Values represent the core priorities in an organization’s culture, including what drives staff priorities and how they truly act in the organization. We established our company values in 2016, with input from all of our employees to ensure that we were not merely portraying aspirational values but that we developed an honest representation of what we believe and were already living in our daily work. We narrowed it down to the following five, action-oriented values.

BFB Values- Lead With Integrity


Integrity is at the core of who we are as individuals and as a Company. Walk the talk, and be honest and straightforward with each other, our franchisees and our partners.

I think ‘lead with integrity’ being listed first on our core values is great and it’s true. From my two years of observation, not just leadership but my general coworkers seem to strive to embody this value the most by doing the true, and right thing on a daily basis internally and for our franchisees who we serve.
— Ellie Cooper, Direct Mail Program Assistant

BFB Values- Be Curious and Innovative


Welcome change and the opportunities it brings. Recognize points of differentiation and opportunities for disruption.

BFB challenges its employees to think outside of the box to solve complex problems, and leadership provides all of the necessary guidance and tools to help their employees be successful and grow professionally.
— Austin James, Franchise Support Specialist

BFB Values- Have Fun


Sharing in the joy of success and prosperity while encouraging humor and humility. Our team brings enthusiasm and energy each and every day.

It’s great to work for a company where hard work is not only appreciated, but also recognized. While there is a definitely a work hard/play hard mentality (did I mention the fun off-site events, lunch and learn seminars, and happy hours?), it’s great to work for a company that respects family commitments and provides generous time off to enable us to spend time with family.
— Kathy Turley, Director of Marketing, Home Clean Heroes

BFB Values- Empower and Serve


Challenge each other to contribute, excel, and grow. Strive to serve each other through support and mentorship.

As a technician, we are the face of the company. The way I provide best in class service, I try to treat every pool as if it’s my parents’ pool. If customers are paying for a service, they should get the best service possible.
— Tanner Rench, Lead Technician, Pool Scouts

BFB Values- Act with Purpose


Great results – on time – on purpose! Create a performance driven culture where standards are high and winning is celebrated.

Buzz Franchise Brands has a strong organizational structure. Every day I get to work with a results-oriented team; a team that takes pride in their work and is never afraid to try new things.
— Barbara Sisino, Training Coordinator