Our Approach

The first component is our people: our corporate employees, our franchise partners, and our vendor partners.  Ultimately, these groups will be supporting our end customers, so we must invest the time and resources in choosing the right people.  Our franchisees are an extension of our corporate family; the difference is, you don't typically get to choose your family.  We do get to choose our franchisees, and they get to choose us, so we take that mutual evaluation process seriously.  From initial contact to discovery days to signing the paperwork, we are vetting out the best fit and most qualified candidates for the job. Similarly, we invest in the best and most qualified corporate staff to support our franchisees, providing more in-house resources than a typical franchisor.

The second key to our approach is our investment in marketing. This part of our approach is very different from most franchisors, as depicted in the Success vs. Doom Loop diagrams below.  We believe that franchisees must spend money on marketing in order to generate customers to make their business viable for the long term. Furthermore, we understand that most franchisees do not understand or have experience with marketing, so we provide clear guidance, direction and support on executing a successful marketing plan.

Finally, our focus on operational excellence is key to our success. This means implementing best in class systems, making continuous improvements to our products and services, and constantly surveying our customers and franchisees to ensure we have the combined knowledge and perspective of all people involved.